Corporate Wear

Every company or business needs to stand out. Their corporate identity is crucial and the uniform that their employees/staff members wear as the ambassadors of the company is equally important. Phepha Solutions Group, designs and delivers innovative, tailor-made, relevant apparel that is competitively priced.

    PPE Clothing and Accessories

    We are acutely aware that development in the manufacturing industry can leave behind some form of carbon footprint.

    We are committed to adhering to regulatory related environmental issues, as set out by the Local Council and the Department of Environmental Affairs.

    An environmental  consultant is appointed for projects that need assessment and resolution with any issues that may arise.

    Corporate Gifting

    Corporate gifting allows you to interact with your clients and associates and plays an important role making them feel valued, recognized for their impact and ,ultimately, assists in building relations with them. We provide a variety of customized gifts that help you to bridge the gap. 

    Branding and Printing

    Every company needs to invest in brand equity. Branding can increase the value of your company and help you gain and retain clients. Make your products memorable, recognizable and superior by utilizing our quality branding services.