Look no further, Phepha Solutions has all your PPE supplies in Gauteng. We have the following supplies:

1)      Helmet: The most important part of the human body is the head. It needs utmost protection. A chin strap is also provided with the helmet which keeps the helmet on place when there is a trip or fall.

3)      Safety Shoes: is utilized for cargo and machinery in difficult operating areas, which is made of hard metal and which make it clumsy for people to walk around. Safety shoes ensure that nothing happens to the crew member’s feet while working or walking.

4)      Safety Hand gloves: Different types of hand gloves are provided by Phepha Solutions. All these are used in operations wherein it becomes imperative to protect ones hands.  Some of the gloves provided are heat resistant gloves to work on hot surface, cotton gloves for normal operation, welding gloves, chemical gloves etc. This is one of our top sellers in PPE supplies in Gauteng.

5)      Goggles: Eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body and in daily operations, chances are very high for having an eye injury. Protective glass or goggles are used for eye protection, whereas welding goggles are used for welding operation which protects the eyes from high intensity spark.

6)      Ear Muff/plug: Even few minutes of exposure to loud notices can lead to head ache, irritation and sometimes partial or full hearing loss. An ear muff or ear plug is used which dampens the noise to a bearable decibel value.